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What’s it all about?

Win at business and at life. Enhance your effectiveness, gain powerful insights and clarity, and create new possibilities for your business and career.

Over the past few years coaching has emerged as one of the most effective ways to develop professional and personal skill sets for teams and individuals, business leaders and professionals.

Coaches help people improve their situations, get clear on the real issues, and achieve their goals.  They accomplish this by having various meaningful and significant conversations, and asking powerful questions.  These approaches trigger new, innovative ways of thinking about situations, and generate different, and often exceptional results.

Why hire a coach?

  • Grow your business
  • Grow your effectiveness in your business
  • Get more time in your day to think and work on your business
  • Develop a proactive approach in your staff
  • See a clearer picture of your business: get critical perspective on your life, your career, or your business
  • Gain momentum: Set vital long-term goals instead of focusing on the daily grind
  • Get an honest, neutral opinion on big issues
  • Get challenged to try new things, or ways of thinking, outside of your comfort zone
  • Gain valuable insight from answering questions based on years of business experience
  • Experience the safety of a ‘no holds barred’ conversation space: discuss your concerns, hash out ideas, and test theories
  • Be held accountable for goal setting and long-term planning
  • Get asked the tough questions (the ones you wouldn’t ask yourself)
  • Find support and encouragement when the going gets tough
  • Learn how to prioritise your business needs, facilitating business success, without compromising your physical and mental health.

“It’s hard to explain how much the coaching process helped me. Neale helped me be a better manager. Developed me. He offered years of on-going feedback, and work, developing my confidence and accountability.”  Carrie Jackson, Operations Manager, C&S Construction

“Elana helped me with my interpersonal skills and helped me to understand myself better.  I learnt how work well with other people and how to manage people in the work place.”  Nqaba Shelembe, Supervisor, Aard Mining Equipment

“I felt my coaching experience was life-changing.  I learnt about my values, what I wanted from my life, and how to achieve contentment.” Debbie Pretorius, Office Manager, IMP

“Coaching helped me appreciate the differences between people, which aided in my personal development.  I felt I became a better leader, and better at managing others.” Johannes Motloung, Supervisor, Aard Mining Equipment

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Business Coaching Interventions

Corporate Business Coaching interventions help create and maintain the effectiveness of your executives, individuals and teams. Sometimes this may be referred to as executive coaching.

Besides performing at high levels, these individuals and teams require personal reflective space in order to remain finely tuned and focused in their demanding careers.

SA Business Coaches plan, provide and manage your coaching interventions, providing duly qualified business coaches. Our business coaches create safe and confidential business coaching environments for your executives, individuals and teams making for a smoothly operating, effective and productive experience.

Our interventions optimise performance and maintain focus on what is important to your business, your executives, your individuals and your teams. Each business coaching intervention is planned, co-ordinated, controlled, monitored and directed specially to meet your requirements.

60% of businesses worldwide use Business Coaching as a tool to improve their performance. The norm in the Return on Coaching Investment (ROCI) is an incredible 5,7 times the coaching investment.

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Business Owners and Entrepreneur Coaching

Coaching for entrepreneurs and SME’s, business leaders, professionals and managers.  The primary focus of business and entrepreneur coaching is work-related issues.  Through powerful, skilfully facilitated conversations, you will gain self-generated insights into your business dilemmas, problems, details, plans and career, and more often than not, your life.

Business coaching is about providing experienced, independent and practical support.  We’ll help you find the solutions that really work for you, and allow you to build a truly successful business, faster than you could on your own, or maybe climb the corporate ladder, negotiate difficult situations or decisions, or simply be more at peace with who you are in your business.

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SA Business Coaches helps business people, both self employed and employed, whether owners or executives, develop their decision making abilities, leadership competencies, qualities, and acquire the skills, self-assurance and charisma needed to dramatically increase their effectiveness.  We help clients discern the core issues behind their business and personal plateaus, and achieve powerful, enduring and fulfilling results. We use proprietary tools, skills, intellectual property and more to help you get the most from your business life.

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Typical areas covered include:

  • Business Start-up
  • Business Growth
  • Business Maturity
  • Business Stagnation
  • Business Decline
  • Business Exit
  • Leadership and professional success
  • Executive Coaching
  • Conflict management
  • Assertiveness and communication skills
  • Coaching and empowerment of teams
  • Decision making
  • Delegation skills
  • Dilemma resolution
  • Stress management techniques
  • Sales Coaching
  • Work/life balance
  • Process management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Procurement
  • Human resources
  • Growing your business
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Team coaching

Together with a coach, the team identifies core challenges and sets inspired goals.  Strategic planning, honest feedback and analytical thinking are integral to team coaching sessions, and rather than providing training, the coach acts as a facilitator of the team ’s development of its own strategies and goals.  The team thus becomes fully integrated, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. 

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Career coaching

A career coach specialises in coaching people who want to find a job, change career, or get back into the job market after a break from work.

We help people identify, through in-depth exploratory sessions, what kind of work would bring them the most happiness and fulfilment.  We then work with individuals to achieve those goals, putting in place dream-job strategies, from CV drafting, job hunting and leveraging of contacts, to interview preparation.

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Personal coaching

Individual, personal coaching is for anyone interested in personal growth and development, breaking old, unhelpful patterns, and living their best lives.  If you are considering making changes in your life, career or business, personal one-on-one coaching can make all the difference.

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What are you most passionate about?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  We’ll help you answer these important questions, align your strengths and passions, and get more meaningful results.